Let The Community Select The Photos

This book is for the community by the community, so it seems natural to let the community select which photos should be in the book.

For this we decided to use three approaches:
1. Use instagram metrics to let us know which were the most photos the community enjoyed by engagement, impressions, likes and reach.

2. Allow participants to upload their photos to the website. They can upload photos taken during the previous editions of the project. The book will have photos from 2012-2017

3. Let each city ambassador do a pre-selection of photos by rating the photos participants uploaded to the website.

Then we put all together, and start working on the photos for the book.

Note: We will launch the kickstarter campaign only having the cover of the book. Then for 30 days we will work with photos uploaded to the website to finalize the inside stories, layouts, testimonials and photos for the book.

All profits of the #24HourProject book go to Human Trafficking Survivors – She Has Hope, and Refugee Camp – Lesvos Solidarity.

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Book Cover Layout Options

This book is for the community by the community. One thing is to decide which photos should be in the book cover (which I will explain in the next post) and another thing is to decide what the cover layout should look like.

One thing I learnt as our world community of photographers started to grow at breathtaking speeds , is to let the community be involved at every stage. And for the photo book cover we are following the same principle.

We hired Claro Estudio, a boutique design shop. We shared our community vision with them. And they provided multiple book cover layout options.

Then we shared the layout options with our city ambassadors and our #24HourProject community in Facebook.

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The Beginning

On 2012, we were only two photographers (Renzo Grande & Sam Smotherman) wanting to document two cities, New York and Los Angeles for 24 hours. That year other 63 photographers joined us and together we documented 24 cities, one photo every hour for 24 hours.

Later we partnered with NGOs to bring awareness to current global issues. Photographers from all over the world joined us to be part of our community and help make a difference by empowering our partnered NGOs.

On 2017, we were 3,940 photographers in 840 cities from 112 countries.

This book is a celebration to the community – a way to bring all stories and photos together as humanity was documented during 24 hours worldwide. All profits of the 24HourProject book go to our partnered NGOs.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Renzo Grande