The Beginning

On 2012, we were only two photographers (Renzo Grande & Sam Smotherman) wanting to document two cities, New York and Los Angeles for 24 hours. That year other 63 photographers joined us and together we documented 24 cities, one photo every hour for 24 hours.

Later we partnered with NGOs to bring awareness to current global issues. Photographers from all over the world joined us to be part of our community and help make a difference by empowering our partnered NGOs.

On 2017, we were 3,940 photographers in 840 cities from 112 countries.

This book is a celebration to the community – a way to bring all stories and photos together as humanity was documented during 24 hours worldwide. All profits of the 24HourProject book go to our partnered NGOs.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Renzo Grande